*Something is always missing* is a project in progress that is halfway between collage and photography. A series of collages but without glue, photographs without representation that arise from a long process of configuring paper cuttings, up to their shape and internal logic.
Starting from images of magazines and newspapers, I cut out spaces of colored backgrounds; opaque soft shapes that I approach and overlap, to create a new layered image in multiple levels.
A flat three-dimensionality or a sculptural two-dimensionality of abstract structures that become juxtaposed in their juxtaposition.
Arriving at a stopping point, in which there is nothing left to add or remove, photographer to give a vision unit to that manually composed image, which can then be dissolved and recomposed in other multiple configurations.
Explorations of surfaces in which the subject and the background break and interpenetrate and where the before and after, the current and the remote past, what is clearly present and what is now semi-forgotten mix and overlap, they break down and float over one another.