"A room for a floating banquet" is an ambient realized by the collective Infactand In Fiction (Valentina Lucchetti, Irene Bianchetti and Gloria Pasotti) in collaboration with the designer Irene Girelli and the food designer and graphic Paola Mucciarelli.
The site specific banquet was entirely ideated for SPAZIO CONTEMPORANEA' space with wood reuse materials: a kitchen with soft and angular shapes, a floating table and a suspended clothes hangers.
Everything has been made to host a culinary happening for fourteen guests with a menu designed to satisfy the eye and palate: molecular sculptures and bunches of vegetables, tricolor soups combined with tricolor bread, meatballs and flowers under vacuum and panna cotta with persimmon cover.
A Moving Menu. Color Variations. Precarius Geoemetries. Suspended Volumes.

The dinner took place on the 17th of November 2017 at SPAZIO CONTEMPORANEA (Brescia, Italy) at the opening of the lithuanian Arma Agharta's performance.